"As a male midwife, women are my mother, sister and my wife" Tewodros Seyoum

Tewodros is a young clinical midwifery specialist, the ICM Research Award winner 2018 and is currently studying his PhD to become an independent researcher, educator and consultant in Midwifery in the Women’s Department, University of Gondar.

Meet the coordinator of the first ever Somali midwifery strategy, Emily Denness

Emily Denness, International Midwifery Specialist for UNFPA Somalia, member of the Royal College of Midwives (UK) and Honorary member of the Somali Midwives Association

As we celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, meet ICM Board Member for Central Europe and Lactation Consultant, Serena Debonnet

Serena picture

Serena Debonnet, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) co-ordinator for the Federal public service in Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment in Belgium, president of the…

"I am passionate to raise my midwifery voice at the global level" - Lisa Welcland

Lisa Welcland is a German midwife who has worked in Ghana, Germany and UK, since 2014 she has been an International Representative for the German Association of Midwives (DHV). Lisa is also represents ICM at the United Nations in Geneva.

Meet Áslaug Valsdóttir, President of the Icelandic Association of Midwives

"I have always felt inside that I would become a midwife so it was not a decision as such more just a logical step, even if I ended up taking that step rather late in life 😊" Read Áslaug Valsdóttir's interview in our Midwives' Voices, Midwives' Realities Blog

Celebrating the 10,000 happy birthdays successes in Zambia and the launch of 50,000 happy birthdays

Meet Sarah Nyirongo Ngoma who would like to see midwives standing and speaking up for the poor women and the babies who need quality health services. Read her story in our "Midwives' Voices, Midwives' Realities" blog

"The hand that rocks the cradle should also rock the boat." Franka Cadée, ICM President

What are the joys, limitations and practicalities of a midwife's daily practice? ICM is sharing the insights of midwives from all over the world on the "Midwives' Voices, Midwives' Realities" blog. Read our inaugural interview with ICM President, Franka Cadée.