The work on the ICM ‘Three Pillars’ (Education, Regulation, and strong Midwives Associations built upon the foundation of updated core competencies) carried out by expert Task Forces (2008-2011 Triennium) focused on:

  • Updating and expanding the 2002 Essential Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice, and affirming the evidence base;
  • Developing Global Standards for Midwifery Education along with Companion Guidelines;
  • Developing Global Standards for Midwifery Regulation; and
  • Strengthening Midwifery Associations.

An important corollary to the work of the Task Forces was the development and agreement of a Glossary of Terms 2017 to be used in all ICM documents.
Glosario de términos 2017 and Glossaire de termes 2017.