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Since its founding, ICM has grown from a small group of Midwives Associations in western Europe to a major confederation of 132 autonomous Midwives Associations from 113 countries in every part of the globe.

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How to join ICM

Please note that associations, not individuals, may apply for membership. 

I am interested in becoming a new member of ICM. How do I join and what categories do I qualify?

  1. Refer to our membership categories and their terms and conditions as to what category fits your organization.
  2. Complete the application form and submit it to the Membership Department with the document as indicated in the application form.

Membership Categories

Full Membership: Full members must meet the 5 criteria for membership and are entitled to full member rights and conditions. 

Under this category, there are two sub-categories:

  • Individual Member Association: Consists of a single midwives association or a midwifery section within another association that meets the 5 criteria required for membership.
  • Collective Midwives Association: Consists of a group of midwives from geographically aligned small countries or entities (e.g. islands) that collectively meet the 5 criteria required for membership

To apply, please download the Full Membership application form

Affiliate Membership: Affiliate members have restricted membership rights and obligations. 

This category applies to the following type of organizations:

  • Regional Midwives Associations whose membership comprises midwives association from different countries within the same geographical region (in the world). Regional Midwives Association may include members and/or non-members of ICM. 
  • Bodies that have the authority to regulate midwifery

The affiliate membership category exist to achieve two objectives:

  • Promote and strengthen harmonization between regional and global midwifery. 
  • Develop and strengthen relationship between ICM, midwives associations and regulatory authorities to advance the midwifery profession.

To apply, please download the Affiliate Membership form.

Associate Membership: Associate members have restricted membership rights and obligations. 

This category consists of a midwives association that do not meet all the criteria and are therefore ineligible for full membership.There will be no direct application to the category and qualification will be determined by the ICM Board.

The restricted rights of the Affiliate Membership and Associate Membership categories are as follows. These members:

May engage or participate in ICM’s projects and activities as appropriate and determined by ICM

  • Obligated to pay annual membership fees Eligible to attend ICM Council meetings as observers;
  • May not speak to issues at ICM Council meetings;
  • May not submit motions, discussion points or position statements for Council;
  • May not vote at Council or Regional meetings;
  • May not submit a nomination for a Board member position.

For associate membership, return the full membership application form for consideration by the ICM Board. Please contact the ICM team with any questions.

For more information about the rights and obligations of the membership categories, please see the ICM By-Laws.


In order to apply for ICM Full Membership, your association must:

  • Be a midwifery association or an association of midwives, nurses and other health professions, provided that a midwifery section exist with its own chairperson, and meetings for the conduct of midwifery are held separately from those of other professions (Article 3(ii) of the Constitution). The association or midwifery section must primarily consist of midwives
  • Has governance processes that demonstrate its single purpose is to conduct the affairs of midwifery and meets the requirements of Article 4(ii) of ICM Constitution. This could take the form of a Constitution
  • Be able to pay the membership fees.
  • Be in a country that registers midwives and/or legally licenses to practice
  • Be in a country or in countries with recognized Midwifery Education Programme(s) that prepares midwives to meet the ICM International Definition of Midwives.

In order to apply to ICM
Affiliate Membership, you must:

  • Be a Regional Midwives Association or a body that regulates midwifery
  • For Regional Midwives Association: Has governance processes that demonstrate its single purpose is to conduct the affairs of midwifery and meets the requirements of Article 4(ii) of ICM Constitution. This could take the form of a Constitution
  • For body that regulates midwifery: Has an Act of Parliament or a legal document that authorizes the body to regulate the midwifery profession.



Admission Process


Membership Fees

Please download the ICM Full membership fees calculation table 2016 and the associate fees calculation table for information on all membership fees.


For further questions please contact:


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