Why and How to create a Midwives Association

Benefits of Midwives Associations

A professional association gives midwives a sense of belonging, a sense of identity and unity of purpose. An association unifies the efforts of midwives making them stronger, more visible and more credible.

An Association is a platform for developing strong, supportive, positive relationships among midwives and between the profession of midwifery and other stakeholders such as Governments and other health care providers. ICM and Member Associations advocate for a well-educated, competent, well regulated midwifery workforce aggregated in well-led and managed Member Associations. This will: 

• Give visibility, credibility and attractiveness to the profession;
• Create pride of place and belonging
• Make the profession attractive to individuals

How to create a Midwives Association and develop a Constitution

To create a midwives association, midwives need to come together and agree to form a midwives association or section. They then should elect a small working group to draft a constitution or set of rules, which are compatible for membership of the International Confederation of Midwives.

If the group forms a section within a Nurses Association, negotiations should take place with that organisation's officials to gain support for the formation of a section which will speak for midwives and support the aspirations of midwives.

For detailed guidelines on how to create a midwives association, download the document in English, French and Spanish.

For guidelines on how to write a Constitution, download the 10 steps (ENFR and SP) and the detailed guidelines

Once a Midwives Association is formally organised, a constitution adopted and the membership wishes it, application for membership of the International Confederation of Midwives can proceed along the lines described in the papers that can be requested from membership@internationalmidwives.org