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The 50,000 Happy Birthdays project was developed by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) in parternship with Laerdal Global Health. Following the success of the 10,000 Happy Birthdays campaign, which was implemented in Zambia and Malawi in 2014 to increase professional capacity of 10,000 midiwves, 50,000 Happy Birthdays contributes to improving the quality of maternal and newborn healthcare in the three additional countries - Ethiopia, Rwanda and Tanzania - by stregnthening midwives' competencies using the Helping Mothers Survive (HMS) and Helping Babies Survive (HBS) modules. 

The 50,000 Happy Birthdays Project will officially be launched in Zambia in February 2018. Through this page we will continue to update you on the progess and activities of the project in Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia.  

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