Strengthening Midwifery Globally

Funded by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (GIZ)

ICM as the global leader and representative of midwives and midwifery, is currently working with 131 midwives associations in 113 countries to support the development of midwifery services. To be effective in this role, the capacity of ICM headquarters is vital. Through the GIZ grant, ICM has been able to support staff salary for one Technical Midwife Advisor to fulfill its objectives more effectively. This grant has enabled ICM to provide technical assistance to countries through the following activities relate to midwifery education and Midwives Associations development:


Strengthening Midwives Associations


In July, 2016 ICM in collaboration with GIZ, UNFPA country offices, the Ministry of Heath, related ministries, policy makers, development partners, stakeholders and Kyrgyzstan Alliance of Midwives conducted Midwifery Services Framework (MSF) country assessment workshop in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan with financial support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As a follow-up to this workshop, three priority areas were identified for strengthening midwifery in the country: midwifery education, regulation and quality of care. To gain more understanding of these priority areas, a gap analysis was conducted in March 2017 and a workshop was organized to disseminate results. A national midwifery strategic plan for Kyrgyzstan to address the identified gaps was developed. Funding from this collaboration supported the costs of ICM staff who facilitated the workshop.  


Kyrgzstan midwifery

Midwives and stakeholders in one of the MSF workshop in Kyrgzstan 


To ensure that midwives have a strong voice that represents midwives and the midwifery profession in the country, ICM is in contact with the Tajikistan Midwives Association. As a way of strengthening the association, a Leadership and advocacy workshop for the Tajik Midwives’ Association leaders and potential leaders has been planned for September 2017. GIZ in country office will support the costs of the workshop while funding from this project will support the travel cots of ICM staff who will facilitate the workshop. The workshop is aimed at raising the profile the association as well as equipping the members with leadership and advocacy skill.


Review of Global Standards for Midwifery Education 

ICM has engaged the services of University of Santiago as consultant to undertake a review of ICM global standards for midwifery education. These are evidence based tools aimed at improving the quality of midwifery education globally and ensuring that graduates qualify with the required competencies to provide quality care for women and their newborn. The consultants had the opportunity to share their progress report during the ICM Congress in Toronto in June 2017. This work is partially funded through this partnership


Competency Based Education (CBE) methodologies for Midwifery Educators 

ICM utilized the GIZ funding to support the ICM CBE Master Teachers and CBE Teachers to support the CBE continuing education workshops that were held in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Rwanda in July, November and December 2016 respectively. Facilitators were also funded from this grant to support one capacity development workshop that was held in February 2017 in Kampala, Uganda. This is to continue ICM`s efforts of rolling out the competency based education to various countries thereby contributing to midwife graduates qualifying with the required midwifery competencies.


Resource Mobilization 

Through the ICM GIZ collaboration, ICM is working with Global Office Consulting, experts in resource mobilization, to support implementation of the ICM resource mobilization strategy. Key activities include; review of ICM resource mobilization strategy 2014-2017, exploring diverse sources of funding for ICM, development of a new resource mobilization strategy 2017-2020, developing strategies for cost savings for ICM and undertaking fundraising activities. The funding will help ICM provide the needed support to various countries to fulfil its agenda of strengthening midwifery globally.

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