Strengthening Midwifery in Mexico 

Funded by: MacArthur Foundation 


Project Summary 

The goal of the project is to contribute to the strengthening of midwifery in Mexico through the collaborative engagement in the country and with international bodies that promote midwifery. The Project aimed to facilitate the participation of up to 10 stakeholders and 30 midwives from Mexico at the 31st ICM Triennial Congress in Toronto, which was held in June 2017. The Association of Mexican Midwives (AMP) recently became an associate member of the ICM.

ICM worked in conjunction with the AMP to recruit, prepare and accompany Mexican delegates to the 31st Triennial congress. During the Congress, the team attended general and break out session and strategic meetings with key organizations. Upon return to Mexico, delegates are expected to work on a dissemination plan and present their experience in various forums as they continue to contribute to the development of midwifery in the country. 


Key Activities of the Project

1. Advertised for scholarships and selected successful candidates who attended Congress in Toronto

2. Made logistical arrangements for participants travelling to Toronto (Flights, accommodation etc)

3. Preparatory workshop:

A workshop was held for selected participants who attended the Congress which took place in Mexico from 22-23 May 2017. The aim was to provide an overview and status of midwifery education, regulation and association development in Mexico to prepare candidates for the 31st ICM Triennial Congress in June 2017. The workshop was also to familiarize the selected participants with ICM core documents, strategies and initiatives, including the Midwifery Services Framework, which focuses on the planning and developing the midwifery workforce and orienting the team on the planned activities while in Toronto. The workshop also focused on development of plans for post Congress activities.

4. Development of plan that address midwifery issues -post congress


Activities during the 31st Triennial Congress 2017

1. All selected delegates attended the Congress in Toronto in June 2017 and the following were the outcomes:

2. Participants were introduced fully to ICM and its role of strengthening midwifery globally.

3. The group was introduced to other international leaders and advocates for midwifery worldwide, and connected them to midwives' support networks.

4. The group felt utterly inspired by everything they got a chance to see, listen, share during the congress and how important their individual roles are to co-create an empowered vision of midwifery in Mexico.

5. Great cohesion of group members with their varied professions and positions made it possible for them to reflect upon other outcomes and challenges in other parts of Mexico, the vision of midwives socially and politically and how valuable it is to begin working together to develop midwifery in Mexico 


Mexico team 2017


Some of the Mexican midwives during the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ infant massage lesson in Toronto

For the Mexican delegation that attended the ICM Congress, seeing the great mobilization and support for midwifery around the world was a game changer. Upon return to Mexico, majority of the participants have conducted dissemination meetings in communities and institutions but also introducing change in midwifery education and practice. This is ongoing process that will greatly contribute to the development of midwifery in Mexico thereby improving the quality of care for women, newborn and their families.

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