Association Core Documents

The third pillar of a strong midwifery profession is the organisation of the members in a strong association. MACAT provides a framework to help an association assess and decide essential activities for its own growth and development. Strengthening individual Midwives Associations enhances the ability of midwives worldwide to achieve the goal of improving the health of women and children.

ICM is aware that its members are at different levels of development. Some are just starting with no definite organisational structure, while others are well developed organisations with a clear structure. Some have less than a hundred members. Others have thousands in membership. The associations do not only differ in size, but also in strength. 

Find here the ICM Member Association Capacity Assessment Tool (MACAT).

Please also find the MACAT Guidelines

Association Development

  • Provides professional support
  • Contributes to national policy development
  • Supports relationships with other healthcare professions

Core Responsibilities of a Professional Association

  • Provide a visible entity 
  • Provide a focal point for the profession (belonging)
  • Represent the interests of the profession (legal)
  • Aggregate efforts, thoughts and ideas (identity)
  • Provide leadership for policy change (power, credibility, collaboration)
  • Enable quality assurance and standard setting
  • Provide the essential guidelines, policies and protocols for practice


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