Awards for Midwives

Dorothea M Lang Award

The Dorothea Lang Award recognized an exceptional midwife who has demonstrated leadership and vision during the course of their work. The 2014 award was presented to Sabera Turkmani from Afghanistan. Sabera has broad expertise in strengthening midwifery education, faculty development, capacity building, grant management, fundraising, as well as management of health advocacy campaigns and events. In her acceptance speech, Sabera said that she was honored to receive an award named after ‘a symbol of leadership and work beyond the limits’, Sabera also talked about midwives in Afghanistan and how they are leaders of change in their own society. ‘Women can and need to be a voice of change! We all have a commitment to bring hope not only to women but to all the humanity over the world’. Watch her address .

The Marie Goubran Award

The 2014 Marie Goubran Award was presented to Kingsley Musama. This was the first time ever that the award was presented to a male midwife! Kingsley is a midwife at Chikwa Rural Health Centre in Chama district, Zambia. He introduced many positive changes in maternal and child health leading to his clinic being chosen as the best in the Chama district for two consecutive years.

The purpose of the Marie Goubran Award is to assist in the furthering of midwifery education and practice in countries with special needs and limited funding opportunities, through the provision of grants, scholarships and awards to midwives who have demonstrated the potential to act as change agents in their region or country.The Marie Goubran Award is presented to a midwife who has demonstrated leadership potential and commitment to childbearing women and their families in countries with special needs and limited funding opportunities.

ICM/Save the Children "Excellence in Midwifery" Award 

The ICM/Save the Children Excellence in Midwifery Award rewarded two midwives who have been champions for newborn survival in those countries which experience the highest number of newborn deaths. With this award, ICM and Save the Children recognized the work midwives do in particular the difference that midwives can make for newborn survival. The winners of this award are Pronita Rani Raha from Bangladesh, and Agnes Kasaigi from Uganda. In Bangladesh, where midwifery is not yet established as an autonomous profession, Pronita Rani Raha is one of the first midwives and a true role model for others. In Uganda, Agnes works in a rural health clinic and dedicates her life to helping mothers. Colleagues say about Agnes that she is ‘friendly, committed, a mother who gives care’.

The awards are sponsored by Save the Children and ICM, and given on behalf of EveryOne, Save the Children’s global campaign to save children’s lives, and Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives program (SNL), supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This is the fourth occasion this global award is presented. Read more about the award here.  

ICM/USAID Family Planning Fellowship

ICM/USAID Family Planning Fellowships were awarded to midwives who have been or will be champions for family planning in USAID focus countries. With this Fellowship, ICM and USAID recognized the critical role that midwives play in advancing reproductive health in their countries and regions, and in particular the difference that midwives can make in reducing maternal mortality through provision of voluntary family planning services. Fellowships were awarded to: Ashiat Ajibola Ganiyu (Nigeria), Nsaba Uwera Yvonne Delphine (Rwanda), Anita Saysay Varney (Liberia), Malali Gulzad (Afghanistan), Serra Chanachi (Malawi), Imitiaz Kamal (Pakistan).

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