Standing Committees

NOTE: Deadline for Standing Committees vacancies (see below) has been extended to Friday 06 April, 2018. 

On this page, you will find information about the ICM Standing Committees. All standing Committees are advisory to the Board. Click in each for Terms and Reference and 2017-2020 membership. 

  • Education Standing Committee
  • Regulation Stanidng Committee
  • Research Standing Committee
  • Scientific Professional Programme Committee


Education Standing Committee

The ICM Education Standing Committee promotes the international standardization of midwifery education. It supports the development and expansion of high quality and effective undergraduate and post graduate midwifery education programmes and oversees the production of the resources required to support this international standardization and its effective implementaiton. 

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Regulation Standing Committee

The ICM Regulation Committee focuses on the development and support of regulatory systems that ensure midwifery practice is defined, regulation is in place, practice and education standards are met, midwives are registered/licensed, and midwifery practice is accountable to the public/society. Professional regulation can be defined as the acceptance of responsibility for maintaining standards and practicing within the limits of one’s competence. Regulation is one of the three pillars (Education, Regulation, Midwifery Associations) through which the ICM works to strengthen midwifery world-wide. 

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Research Standing Committee

The ICM Research Standing Committee provides ICM’s Midwives Associations with up to date information on all aspects of midwifery practice, education and service. It plays a key role in the development of the ICM Triennial Congresses. Research is the foundation of midwifery’s Three Pillars and ongoing education and research are the lifeblood of any vibrant profession. 

Roles of the Research Standing Committee:

  • Identifies midwifery research in progress and takes part in the discussions to develop the ICM research strategy
  • Creates communication networks between researchers working in reproductive health and midwifery
  • Maintains a database of researchers which acts as a source of information and support
  • Recommends to the ICM Board, Executive Committee and Council, activities, priorities, strategies and practices for midwifery research throughout the world.
  • Reviews abstracts submitted for peer-review
  • Plans RSC involvement in each ICM congress and facilitates research workshops at these
  • Provides a resource of expert midwifery research workers for access by ICM if required 

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Scientific Professional Programme Committee

The Scientific Professional Programme Committee (SPPC) assesses and approves abstracts and completes the scientific programme for ICM Triennial Congresses.

Committee members (2017-2020)

  1. Debra Lewis, Co CHair (Trinidad & Tobago)
  2. Marian van Huis, Co CHair (Netherlands)
  3. Karen Guilliland, Regulation Representative
  4. Deborah Davis, Research Representative
  5. Mieke Embo, Education Representative
  6. Andari Wuri Astuti, Host Association Representative
  7. Atf Gherissi, Co-opted Member
  8. Sally Pairman, Chief Executive 

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